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the books of neil coffman-grey

I'm pleased to let you know that the first three volumes of the Kingdom decalogy known as the Book of Val'ha are available for sale at's Kindle e-bookstore!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Asch'endra-Conschala and the two families at the heart of the Kingdom stories: the royal House of Moncrovia and the Elves of Bylikros.

The first two books are here in their completion. Currently I am midway through the 9th book in the decalogy, Pax Hafer'ty, set as the Nymphs and Elves prepare for the end-days of the Ragnarok.

These are the books of the Kingdom saga:

   -Pt. 1 The Second Coming of Xorus (click "The Book of Val'ha")
   -Pt. 2 The Regency of Prince Joel
(click "The Book of Val'ha II")
   -Pt. 3 The Reiglo Islands

   -The Vanishing Count
   -The Swords of Ariadne

   -Winter of Torches
   -King of Knaves: Fall of the House of Moncrovia
   -The Toymaker's War
   -Pax Hafer'ty
   -The Ragnarok of Megiddos.

Thank you for visiting my homerealm and I hope you enjoy my books.

Neil Coffman-Grey
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